Word Up on Chris’ Act


Chris Playing Keyboard-1

Chris Playing Keyboard-2

Chris’ 80s tribute act has been described as high energy up tempo, extremely visual and colourful and his 80s night is bringing back many great memories, as well as creating them with his unique and exciting act.

Not only does he sing on the mic at the front of the stage he also performs vocals whilst playing live on an 80s electronic drum kit covering classics such as Van Halen’s Jump and of course he can’t get away without playing Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight. He also runs behind the kit to play percussion on Gloria Estefan’s The Rhythm Is Gonna Get YA, Adam and the Ants Ant Music and many more.

Live keyboards and Synthesizers also feature in Chris’ act with Cars by Gary Numan, Enola Gay by O.M.D, Shout by Tears for Fears and Prince’s Purple Rain are just a few examples.

Chris creates his own backing tracks in his studio, leaving off certain instruments and performs them live in his own 80s showman style on authentic 80s synths, keyboards and electric drums.

Chris’ 80s night will have you dancing and singing from start to finish. Check out the set list for some classic 80s tracks, as well as some obscure but memorable ones that have been lost along the way.

Music in-between sets will also be provided to keep the 80s theme going.

From his experiences as a touring musician in the 80s Chris has created a high energy, versatile solo tribute act.

Chris is based in the North West of England and travels all over the UK, and has been a professional entertainer for many years.

Expect a long and wild night.


Word Up on Chris

Chris started playing drums at the age of 8, and was an entertainer by the age of 11, playing drums around the cabaret clubs of the Northwest, as part of a duo with his dad. In 1986 at the age of 16 he joined an established original heavy rock band from Liverpool and through the years has played with several high profile bands and performers, and has also been a multi-instrumental session musician. As a drummer/backing vocalist, Chris has been in a Police and Pink Floyd tribute band, his own duo and function band with his sister, and also sessioned for a few bands on the club and tribute circuit.

Chris has been a resident drummer/backing vocalist in the clubs, backing the artistes, as well as being freelance.

He also plays piano, keyboards and synthesizers (see acoustic section) and makes his own backing tracks in his studio. He can then leave certain instruments off the track and replace them live in his own 80s showman style.

Chris was a touring musician in the 1980s and therefore experiences have now led him to create one of the most unusual, high energy, memory provoking, talked about solo acts out there.

Chris is based in the North West of England and travels all over the UK.